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Where To Buy a Cool Wooden Crate For Your Bike in Toronto

As biking continues to explode throughout Toronto, you’ll notice that people are upping their game in terms of cool ways to carry stuff on their bikes. Wire baskets are still super functional, but lately there has been a rise in wooden crates.

Wood crate explosion

Envious?  No worries, here are 3 local places to get your bike fitted out with a cool wooden crate.

1. Etsy

Still a favourite for me. Etsy is the place for local, handmade items. Whatever I buy from there inevitably becomes that cool piece that people keeping asking me about.

This handmade cedar basket is made by Toronto based Etsy shop.  It’s also pictured in Kensington, home of car-free Sundays.

Lightweight Cedar Bicycle Basket by Etsy shop Ivamir

2. Curbside Cycle

This place is a personal favourite.  We’re city bikers so it’s nice to find a bike shop that isn’t all about the $10,000 carbon road racing bikes. Here you can get city bikes, cargo bikes, and they offer the best doesn’t-look-like-bike-gear accessories in Toronto.  This wooden box sells for $59.99

Wooden Bike Box

3. Kijiji

You don’t have to buy a ready to go bike box.  You can pick up an old wooden crate off Kiji and put a little DIY into it.  All it takes is some waterproofing wood sealer and some zip ties to your bike rack and you’re good to go.  Or follow the many DIY instructions you can find online, like this one at designsponge.com

Apple crates on Kijiji