... but how do you buy groceries?

“Reason #9 to Live Car-Free: Never Getting Stuck Behind the Garbage Truck Again

In many parts of Toronto, the streets are narrow.  The Annex, Leslieville, Riverdale … we all have those similar narrow streets many of which are one way streets (some are for some mind boggingly bizarre reason still two-way).  And for most days work perfectly fine as residential connectors weaving together our neighbourhoods. The narrowness actually works well to keep car speeds at safer speeds to see the wide expansive roads of Leaside or Lawrence Park.   But once a week, come garbage day, we feel the squeeze.

The mighty garbage trucks comes around doing the weekly collection, and for so many of our streets, no other vehicle can pass. And in a car, it’s infuriating.  Drivers honk their horns, crane their necks out of their windows to see what the hold up is. The odd clever clot tries to drive up on the sidewalk to pass, until the remember oh, ya. It’s garbage day so there are of course bins lining the sidewalks. And eventually many drivers turn off their engines, defeated, and sit and wait.

Except the  bicycle.


The folks on bikes, they zip right by.  Justifiably feeling smug. It’s that one time of the week when I always think:  so how’s your clown car habit working for you now? yup, that’s what I thought.  weeeee!