... but how do you buy groceries?

How Much Is Your Car Habit Costing You? – Real Life Example

I love to read over these investment case studies in the paper:

Personal Finance Case Study in the Globe and Mail

It’s just so fascinating to see how other people spend their money, and what experts think they should do to improve things.  What’s fascinating to me is that for this couple, they spend $775 a month on car related things (not including the surprise repairs that seem to always pop up).  Within their overall budget, that $775 represents 6.8% of their total expenses. With 22.5% put towards retirement savings, they’re generally considered to be in good financial shape, doing all the right things.

But $775 a month for what sounds like one vehicle (“lease”)?

Annually, that’s $9,300.

Every. Single. Year.

You can do a lot of awesome car sharing with that money! You can buy cargo bikes, e-assist bikes.  You could also pocket a bunch of it and increase your wealth.  But alas, for now this is considered normal.