... but how do you buy groceries?

The mighty pannier

If we’re going to talk But How Do You Buy Groceries, than we need to take a moment to give our thanks to the mighty pannier.  Used by so many Dutch people, we used to call them ‘those Dutch bike bags’ until we learned the real name.

Photos from Amsterdam Cycle Chic (great site!)

And these bags hold so much! We use the Basil brand black canvas ones that is a dual bag that straddles the back rack.  They’re durable, water resistant, and have clips to close them, although when I get flowers I leave them open a bit to not smush the flowers.

Today’s example, my weekly fruit and veg purchase:

2 boxes strawberries
9 peppers
3 big white potatoes
1 sweet potato
1 giant red cabbage (this thing will end up in so many meals)
baby spinach
fresh big leaf spinach
tulips (gotta do fresh flowers)

All in one mighty pannier bag.


So … but how do you buy groceries?  Easy.  super super easy.