... but how do you buy groceries?

When you don’t own a car … your kids think it’s a novelty!

So this winter we went skiing every weekend out of town. Yes really. We don’t own a car but we went skiing. Every Sunday. No car pooling, no transit, just the simplicity of being in a car sharing membership.

Let that sink in.

These sorts of weekend activities form the reasons that people usually give to justify why they need to own a car.  Never mind that it sits in their driveway 5+ days of the week. On that one special day (two if you count the ridiculous practice of the great big weekly grocery trip) you need that car, so you must therefore own that car.

But anyway, we do not own a car. We did it with an Autoshare car.  And from week to week we alternated which sort of vehicle we used.  Sometimes it was a standard 4-door car, other times a crossover SUV. Mini coopers and minivans… we tried a bunch.  And every time we had the car our kids thought it was the most exciting thing that week.  Some cars have sun roofs, others have the built in cameras for reversing. Others like the Mini Cooper have insanely different looking dashboards that seem to strike space ship references with the kids. And at the end of our ski day the kids always wanted a good half an hour to just play in the car. For two reasons. First, because for most days of the week they don’t go in one, so seeing it infrequently makes it special to them. And second, because we rotate between several different car types, things like mini van sliding doors, the staple of suburban childhoods, all of a sudden for that one afternoon become crazy cool.

Just one of the added bonuses of not owning a car.