... but how do you buy groceries?

It’s the weekend, leave the car at home

Toronto is spoiled for choice when it comes to kids activities that are transit accessible.  ROM (Museum Station), AGO (St.Patrick Station, 505 Dundas Streetcar), Science Centre (multiple buses plus future Eglinton cross town) – all within easy transit access.

I don’t think we can say it enough times – kids LOVE transit.

Confession, we have absolutely taken a ride on the subway with kids, just for sheer entertainment.  And we’re not alone! I know so many parents who do the same thing.  ROM doesn’t open until 10am?  no problem, let’s ride up to Yorkdale Station and back (highlight for kids is before Yorkdale station when the subway runs along side the Allen road highway, what a view!).

Our 7 year old does a cool robotics class on Sunday mornings at Queen and Spadina.  One of the highlights for him is going to Spadina station to catch a new streetcar.  it’s one of the few places where the streetcar starts underground and emerges out of a tunnel to it’s own right of way.  The highlight on the way home is sitting at the front subway carriage getting the same view that subway operators get.  And most days, making friends.

And for me?  no sitting in traffic, no hunting for parking, no road rage stresses.  For sure the better way!